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Grilled vegetable wrap

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Grilled vegetable wrap


Azteca Soft & Tender Original Thin Tortillas, fajita size or super size

Green and yellow zucchini

Green and red bell peppers


Red onion

Olive oil


Ground black pepper

Roasted red pepper hummus, tzatziki or your favorite dip/sauce


Step 1: Cut your vegetables into equal-sized portions and place on a wood or metal skewer.

Step 2: Flavor your vegetables with a drizzle of olive oil, a dash of salt and ground black pepper.

Step 3: Grill your veggies between 350 degrees – 450 degrees with the lid shut. Rotate every three minutes until they are fully cooked.

Step 4: Heat tortillas as directed on the package.

Step 5: Slide vegetables off the skewer and onto an Azteca tortilla. We warmed our tortilla on the grill for 1-2 minutes. Add your favorite sauce or dip and enjoy!

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