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Get inspired with our wide variety of recipes
to help create DELICIOUS meal moments & memories

From a breakfast burrito, to a quick snack time peanut butter and jelly roll up, to quesadillas and Mexican lasagna bakes for those oh too few family sit down meals, families trust Azteca tortillas and shells.

Meal memories

Meal Memories and Moments Start with Azteca

From delicious tortillas, to crispy and flaky salad shells, everything tastes better with Azteca! Our products are the perfect foundation to any meal! Whether it be for an appetizer, breakfast, dinner or a snack, you can always count on Azteca to help you create delicious and memorable meal moments!


Soft & Tender Original Thin Tortillas

Our Soft and Tender Original Thin Tortillas are made from a different process versus our Homestyle Pressed Tortillas. The dough is rolled into a sheet and then ‘cut’ into round tortillas. They are lighter and thinner than pressed tortillas. Perfect for making enchiladas, taquitos, bakes, quesadillas, wraps and kid friendly snacks. No preservatives, colors or flavors!

Thin tortillas

Crispy & Flaky Salad Shell

There is a delicious flavor difference you can taste with the Azteca Crispy and Flaky Taco Salad Shells. Unlike shells made from plain tortillas or pre-fried shells from a box, Azteca Taco Salad Shells give you flaky and crispy restaurant-style feel and taste without the frying. And they only take 10 minutes to prepare.

Perfect for salads, burrito bowls and more! Also great for rolling and filling with your favorite foods, or as edible serving shells for ice cream, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and dips.

Crispy flaky salad shell

homestyle tortillas

Our Homestyle Tortillas are thicker and fluffier than our Soft and Tender Original Thin Tortillas. They are great for stuffing, even over stuffing! Perfect for wraps, burritos and anything and everything else you can imagine stuffing into a delicious tortilla!

Homestyle tortillas

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