5 Tips for Hosting a Virtual Cinco de Mayo Party + 5 Food & Drink Recipes

  1. DecorateUse colorful tissue paper to create a Mexican-inspired banner, then hang it behind where you plan to sit. Here’s a tutorial. You can also add some flare to your beverage with these DIY drink stirrers.
  2. Dress for the party. It will feel more like a fiesta if you dress up as if you were going out to celebrate. Don’t want to get dolled up? Suggest a costume party, or send friends a link for some DIY paper flower crowns.
  3. Draw, paint, or craft together. Find a piece of inspiration: a group photo, a place you want to travel to together, a goofy cat meme, or even just the title of a book! Ask everyone to recreate it using what they have on hand: pencil & paper, watercolors, construction paper. Reveal your masterpieces to one another when the party is winding down.
  4. Set the mood with music. As the host, compile a playlist of festive music. Kick things off with some energetic mariachi tunes while people start to join the video chat. Then, transition to some mellow Spanish guitar as background music while you connect and enjoy one another’s company.
  5. Look forward to IRL parties. Make plans for getting together post-quarantine. Do you want to start a monthly “taco tour” where you try tacos at a new restaurant together every month? Or maybe you take turns hosting taco night every month? Talking about what you want to do together when life gets back to normal


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